In an effort to align more with MLS standards, Lone Star Republic announces plan to report tickets distributed as game day attendance - 901,016 fans attend inaugural season, a new UPSL record!

Lone Star Republic has broken yet another UPSL record in their first season in the league, shattering the previous attendance record set by some other club somewhere with 901,016 fans attending home games this season.

That means an average of 150,169.3333333333 fans showed up for each of the 6 home games at the beautiful Greenhill School in Addison, Texas.


“We really feel that this is the best way to compare our empty stadium to FC Dallas’ empty stadium, as well as other empty stadiums around the league like in Houston and Orlando,” said CEO Tyler Watterson. “We are fully intent on joining MLS in the year 2040 so we may as well start aligning our standards with theirs. We hope it will make for an easy transition into the league.”

Sharp eyes might notice how close Lone Star Republic was to beating Atlanta United’s 2018 MLS attendance record, coming up short by only 17 tickets. There is no doubt that the club realizes how close they came to making history.

“Does anyone have a printer I can use?” asked Watterson.

Lone Star Republic’s ticket distribution process in action

Tyler Watterson