REPORT: Lone Star Republic attempting to void Zach Loyd's $200 Visa gift card promotion bonus because it wasn't achieved via dramatic final day victory like in England

It is being reported by multiple outlets this morning that Lone Star Republic is considering voiding Zach Loyd’s bonus for achieving UPSL Central Conference promotion because of some questionable language that was included in his contract.

Lone Star Republic is claiming that, because promotion was achieved without a dramatic final day victory, the story is actually too boring to warrant a bonus.

Supposedly, owner Tyler Watterson was under the impression that promotion included a final game with everything to play for.

“Why is there no playoffs?” he said. “Who doesn’t have playoffs?”

I thought there was playoffs

I thought there was playoffs

The Legal Eagle Preston Osborn, team General Counsel, commented that this was unlikely to hold up in court.

“I regret telling Tyler I am a lawyer. You can’t even read his handwriting,” he said. “He probably told you to call me the Legal Eagle, too. I have not agreed to that.”

It is unclear if Zach Loyd was aware of this bonus in his contract or if he has even seen the contract at all.

The team name is too cool to go by LSR
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Tyler Watterson