Lone Star Republic Completes First Loan Agreement in Club History, sending Ryan Shelor to Switzerland for 3 Weeks

Lone Star Republic reaches short-term loan agreement with Lacey FC for defender Ryan Shelor, first loan deal in club history

Following intense negotiations at Letchworth State Park in western New York, Lone Star Republic (@LSRsoccer) and Lacey FC have officially agreed to a loan deal for Ryan Shelor that will see him spend three weeks with Lacey FC in Switzerland and Austria beginning this week.

Negotiations were tense at times

Negotiations were tense at times

“Ryan has been a mainstay in our game day lineup for years now. This was not an easy decision, but one we felt was necessary for his future,” said Assistant to the Head Coach Tyler Watterson.

Scott Smith, LSR’s President, COO, and a player for the club, isn’t as thrilled with the move.


“I don’t think we’ve been without him for this long since he joined the club. I hope we can hold up,” said Smith. “He doesn’t just play in UPSL for us. He also plays on our top NTPSA team on Sundays and is a steady force on that team.”

Luckily, the loan ends in time for Shelor to make an appearance in the NTPSA DII Championship game on June 2nd, should LSR win their semi-final without him.

For her part, Lacey FC has scouted Shelor at nearly every one of LSR’s games over the past few years but wasn’t interested in any other LSR player. Lacey needed a defender, and she wasn’t going away until she had her man.

“I really hate taking him away from LSR, but he will come back a better player,” said Lacey, unofficially.

Shelor joined LSR in the Fall of 2016 after being signed from the league’s free agent portal and was the team MVP for the whole of that season, completely changing the makeup of LSR’s back line and adding quality on and off the field. Lacey had already been scouting Shelor, but his performances since joining LSR solidified his status in her mind.

“I think Ryan will do very well over there with Lacey,” said Shelor’s mother, Donna. “He’s been waiting for this opportunity for a while now.”


While LSR will certainly suffer in his absence, Head Coach Zach Loyd is convinced that this is a positive move for the club in the long term. Three weeks isn’t a long time, and the club has plenty of players in the pool to help fill the gap.

“Fernando (Leon), Challen (Herzberg-Brovold), Kalisa (Rwamucyo), George (Williams), Blake (Redus), any of those guys can step in and cover for Shelor while he’s gone,” said Loyd. “He deserves this opportunity and we are excited for his next steps as a player and as a person.”

Lacey first scouted Shelor during a summer training program in 2015 with a lot of other prospects, but Lacey has been set on Shelor ever since. According to Lacey’s assistant coach, Savanna, Lacey came home from that summer program talking about only one person - Ryan.

“I won’t be happy if he’s not on my team,” Lacey said, according to Savanna.

I think it’s clear the feelings are mutual and they are set up for a very successful and rewarding loan in Europe.

Unfortunately for Shelor, his loan contract contains some pretty serious activity restrictions while he is in Europe. No skiing, snowboarding, or any other mountain activity. He also can’t jump in any body of water or drink alcohol.

“Beer only,” said Watterson.


He will also have a strict 8:30PM curfew for the entire three weeks and will be put through rigorous testing when he gets back to LSR to ensure he returns more fit than he left.

Hopefully he read the fine print on the plane.



Tyler Watterson