Lone Star Republic Secures First Player Transfer in Club History

Lone Star Republic Secures First Player Transfer in Club History, Signs Juan ‘Pelon’ Salas from Arlington FC for $70 of BAM (Bank Account Money)

The player will make his Lone Star Republic debut in Friday night’s match against Somerset SC (April 26, 2019 at 8:00p at the Greenhill School).

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In a move sure to set a new standard in the UPSL Central Conference North Division League One, Lone Star Republic has officially announced the first player transfer in its history as the club agrees to pay $70 to Arlington FC in exchange for the rights to Juan ‘Pelon’ Salas’ services.


How was a third division UPSL club able to steal a player from the second division and convince him to move down?

“I think he really saw something special in us,” said Tyler Watterson, Assistant to the Head Coach. “We are building a culture here that is unique and I think Pelon is the first of many top players who will want to come play for Lone Star Republic.”

The story of how Pelon ended up rocking the legendary LSR blue will be told throughout the club, maybe even the league, for years.

Assistant coach Ade Harding, aware of the club’s need for a new striker to provide competition for Michael Darrow, called Pelon and told him about LSR’s vision and brand. It turned out to be a quick conversation.

“The drive to practice was a lot closer than Arlington,” said Salas. “And the jerseys are pretty sweet.”

Upon learning of Pelon’s interest and of his history with Dallas Elite and Arlington FC in UPSL, Watterson sent an official communication via the Telegram app on his phone to one of the coaches of Arlington FC, trying to gauge their interest in selling the player.

“They were resistant and didn’t want to lose him. He’s a great player so I don’t blame them, but since we aren’t paying players any money it’s easy for them to stop showing up,” said Watterson. “Once I agreed to the $30 mandatory league transfer fee and the $40 tryout fee they waived for him he was ours. I sent an email to the league registrar, and after a 24 hour grace period and a mandatory week without playing in a game for some reason he was officially on our roster.”

He had originally planned on just the $30 transfer fee and when the owners of Arlington FC upped the ante, he had to think fast.

“I consulted with my accountant, Mint.com, and confirmed that I did indeed have the funds in my BAM account,” Watterson said.


BAM (Bank Account Money) is a pool of money determined on a two week basis allocated by Tyler's sales career. It can be used for any club expense other than player and coach salaries, per the league rules.

And how did he go about making the payment for the club’s first ever transfer?

“I asked if I could mail an official check, they asked if I had Venmo, I said I could do Zelle from the company account, they said they didn’t have Zelle, so I Zelle’d my personal account and then Venmo’d from there,” said Watterson.

Amazing stuff.

The pundits will be dissecting this transfer for weeks. Will Pelon live up to his price tag? Only time will tell. He’s off to a great start, scoring three goals in 45 minutes of an intrasquad scrimmage at training on Monday night.

For Watterson, it’s easy to figure out how to judge the player’s value. “I think the most obvious comparison in value at the moment is Ronaldo to Juventus last summer. It’s recent, they play a similar style, and I am expecting similar results,” he said.

“The math is simple,” he continued, looking down at his phone. “Ronaldo went to Juve for €112m Euros and is on pace to score 33 goals. That’s like €12m euros per goal,” Watterson said while counting several times on his fingers. (It is, in fact, under €3.4m per goal.)

“If Pelon scores just one goal we beat that by a lot, I think. Not sure how many euros $70 is worth but it’s probably not a lot. I can’t wait to see how his dollars per goal ratio works out compared to the world’s best.”

Assuming he keeps showing up.

Watterson also hears the demand for more activity in the transfer market and assures everyone that new signings are coming.

“There is plenty of BAM left in the account - somewhere between $220 and $230 - and I will cancel my gym membership if the right player comes along to show the fans I am committed to the success of this club,” he said.

Come see if Pelon Salas continues to show up this Friday night in Addison at the beautiful Greenhill School. Gates open at 7:30, kickoff at 8pm. Tickets are only $5! Tickets can be purchased here: https://tickets.upslsoccer.com/events/lone-star-republic-vs-somerset-sc-1

Can’t attend? Feel free to buy a ticket as a little donation to the club, and watch the live stream for free at https://mycujoo.tv/video/lone-star-republic?id=40371!

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