Lone Star Republic works quickly to renew partnership with Multi Level Marketing as FC Dallas sponsorship deal with Advocare comes into question

Frisco’s FC Dallas could be in need of a new shameless sponsor after pyramid scheme company Advocare gets hit with a $150m fine from the Federal Trade Commission for operating a pyramid scheme. LSR wasted no time in attempting to retain its valuable partner.



Lone Star Republic executives woke up to concerning news on Wednesday morning after Advocare, the pyramid scheme company that everyone knew was a pyramid scheme, was handed a realistically insignificant fine from the FTC for operating a pyramid scheme. With almost $600m of profit in 2016, the $150m fine will almost certainly prevent its CEO from purchasing that island off the coast of Argentina, truly damaging the pyramid scheme company and providing sentimental relief to all of the company’s pyramid scheme victims over the years.

However, it’s not the lack of a fourth island purchase, or even the month-long delay in releasing it’s newest weight loss product - CATASTROPHE - that has Lone Star Republic CEO Tyler Watterson concerned. Some are wondering what this means for Advocare’s jersey sponsorship with Frisco’s FC Dallas; and, if they are forced to dissolve their agreement, LSR has a valued partner that would replace Advocare on the front of Frisco’s FC Dallas jerseys perfectly.

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“Multi Level Marketing has been a great partner for us for this past month,” said Watterson. “However, because we are brand new and don’t garner very much attention our partnership has been considered “day-to-day”. I wouldn’t blame them for at least considering a partnership with Frisco’s FC Dallas. At least the jerseys would be seen by 6 or 8 thousand people every week, nationwide. That’s like 1000x more than ours.”

Multi level marketing companies have always been a preferred sponsor in MLS, so Lone Star Republic thought they had hit the gold mine after striking such a partnership early on. They view it as a driving force behind their bid to become MLS’ 40th franchise in the year 2040.

In order to rebuff any potential talks with Frisco’s FC Dallas, Lone Star Republic legal counsel, the Legal Eagle Preston Osborn, is said to be negotiating a “month-to-month” deal with MLM that will still not see any sort of financial benefits. Multi Level Marketing is said to be countering with an offer on a “week-to-week” basis.

Tyler Watterson