It’s suddenly kind of ok that we got eliminated from the US Open Cup because the safety deposit refund really came in handy, for me personally, today

- a blog post by Goalkeeper/CEO Tyler Watterson


I woke up this morning to exactly $1,000 more in my bank account than I was expecting, which was a very welcome surprise considering how many bills are due before payday this Friday.

You see, signing up for the US Open Cup tournament involves a $1,000 safety deposit that you get back after moving out of the tournament - assuming you follow the rules, you don’t have any last minute schedule/venue changes, and you don’t put any holes in the walls greater than .25 inches. Since we did not renew our lease in the tournament last month, and the walls are all patched up, I was owed the full $1,000. 

However, I was under the impression that it would take 60 days to get the deposit back. Lucky for me, it only took 22 days.

Looking at my bank account yesterday I realized I might have to dip into my savings credit cards a bit this week. With a car payment, insurance, and my Amazon credit card balance all due before payday on Thursday I realized I was cutting it close in my checking account. Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Youtube TV, ESPN+, Amazon Prime, DirecTV, AT&T cell phone AND internet bills, and my Amazon monthly subscription items are all also typically billed around this time of the month, which made me nervous. 

It’s for that reason that I woke up thinking, “Maybe it’s not that bad that we got eliminated from the biggest and most prominent national adult tournament in the country on home turf in front of our fans. Perhaps I guessed the wrong direction on that penalty kick for their game winning goal because I knew I would need the deposit money back sooner rather than later.”

Had we won this year’s US Open Cup we would have won over $300k in prize money. So, I guess this is an example of the old adage - “would you rather have $300k in a year or $1k now?”.

I think we now know the answer to this age old question.

- tw

P.S.: Always remember: If you and your friend are being chased by a grizzly bear, don't worry about outrunning the bear, just worry about out-running your friend.

Tyler Watterson